Interesting People In A Workplace

For a cunning apprentice called Hurley,
The greasy pole beckoned quite early,
But he slid down to zero,
When he ambushed a hero,
And justice came fairly and squarely.

A Council Director called Dent,
Thought it public money well spent,
By boosting the pension,
Of a friend he won’t mention,
Who was rank, maladjusted and bent.

A Council Director called Pellitt,
Got in league with a town clerk called Kellitt,
They both dealt in “fairness”,
But with little awareness,
Of a stench, oh so foul you could smell it.

A clothing designer called Deller,
An opportunistic old feller,
Had his way with a dame,
I won’t mention her name,
But the book would become a bestseller.

Thanks to Paul Cardin for this selection.

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