Snail Male

My daughter drew me a brown toad,
that had a hard time with his load.
He looked like a snail,
with a dragonfly tail,
and six tiny legs that were bowed.

His nickname turned out to be Mo,
at night he developed a glow,
which flicked off and on,
’til just before dawn,
when it hopped off the page into snow.

The slime trail was sticky and thick,
’til this poor toad bumped into a brick,
new snowshoes were bent,
his skis had a dent,
so he flew back to nest with the chicks.

Abandoned by all that he met,
this toad was as sad as they get.
He was given a smile,
that lasted awhile,
until my daughter’s paper got wet.

(poor thing, was cute while it lasted!)

F. H. Lee

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